Snap AdmailTM & Neighbourhood MailTM Help/FAQ

What is Canada Post Neighbourhood MailTM (formerly Unaddressed Admail™)?
Neighbourhood MailTM finds the right customers for your business, large or small.
  • Zero in on specific neighbourhoods with your marketing message.
  • Target best areas, using geodemographic profiles like age, income, marital status and much more.
  • Reach every home, apartment and business in a specific neighbourhood – or the entire country.
Who should use Neighbourhood MailTM?
Neighbourhood MailTM is the perfect direct marketing solution if your business has broad appeal to your local market, such as Restaurants, Auto dealerships, Dental practices, Fitness Centers, Banks, Retail Stores, Real estate agents, Landscapers, Home Improvement, Churches, and More!
Why should I use Neighbourhood MailTM?

Drive sales, boost awareness and generate leads.
Neighbourhood MailTM is the perfect channel if you want to make people aware of your products or services. This can improve sales by generating new leads, it can encourage product trial, generate traffic to the web or retail, raise funds for your cause, and more. Direct Mail is a proven channel with a long history of success that can work for you

Target the Radius Around Your Business
Reach the people most likely to use or buy your products or service by launching targeted campaigns in the areas closest to your location. You can identify the areas yourself by using our online application to enter geographic and demographic criteria to identify the highest potential prospects for your next campaign. House, apartments, farms or businesses – or any combination of the four can be mailed in your campaign.

Reach as Many or as Few People as You Want
Reach more than 13 million addresses across Canada, or target just a few delivery routes around your business.

The Preferred Channel for Promotional Messages
36% of Canadians say that direct mail is their preferred way to receive promotional messages. This is over two and a half times higher than email (14%), and three times more popular than TV and newspapers.

Immediacy and Permanence
68% of Canadians read their mail right away – a far better number than other channels. Meanwhile, the physical nature of the mail means that your message can stay at the address as a reminder, whether on a desk, side table or a fridge.

Is Design Service Available?
Yes! Three design options are available with Snap AdmailTM.
  • Provide your own design (FREE!). We will ensure the design meets Neighbourhood MailTM regulations before printing and mailing.
  • Select a pre-design template (FREE!). Our design team will customize the piece for you with your own text, offers, and logo.
  • Custom Design (+$100-$200). Our design team will create a custom piece based on your needs.
How long does it take?
The turnaround time varies based on the required creative and production processes associated with each campaign. In general, the entire production and mailing process usually takes from two to four weeks to deliver into mailboxes. The creative process (design) usually plays the largest role in determining total turnaround time.
How do I choose where I want my direct mail offers to deliver?

It's easy to target letter boxes with our user-friendly "point & click" online mapping tool. Simply enter a starting address, then follow the on-screen prompts to target your desired mail delivery areas. Select all letter boxes types – House, Apartment, Farm and Business, or just the types that work for you.

You can fine-tune your geographic selections down to the route level. The online mapping tool is the easiest way to target mailing areas.

How do I target my audience using demographic/geographic information?
With our demographics feature you can include up to three demographic selects to identify the most relevant routes based on your criteria. Available demographic selections include: Household Income, Age, Home Ownership.
Can I print my own pieces and use Snap AdmailTM only for the mailing?
No. All orders must be printed and mailed with Snap AdmailTM. We provide easy, affordable, one-stop-shopping and complete all required paperwork and delivery for you.
What are the average response rates?
This is a very common question but there is no accurate way to predict results. Like all advertising, your response rates will be affected by many factors including, but not limited to: your offers, your reputation, local competition, local economic factors, local events, supply and demand, and even the weather (snow for example). With this in mind, direct mail is an extremely effective way of reaching new prospects. There is no better way to guarantee that your offers will reach the hands of prospective customers, fast.
What web browser should I use?
We recommend using a current version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you are having problems with any part of the site, please contact us directly at  1-844-332-6998 , speak to us on LiveChat, or email us for more information.
How do I learn more?
Please contact us directly at  1-844-332-6998 ,  Chat With Us, or email us for more information.

New! Boost your Snap AdmailTM results with display ads


What is a digital ad?
Digital display ads are online "billboards" that appear on a vast network of websites and applications. They are commonly used by organizations for their branding, awareness, lead generation, and sales producing benefits.
Who will see my digital ads?
We serve digital ads to the same addresses targeted in your Snap AdmailTM campaign. We accomplish this using IP targeting technology that blankets geographic areas with high accuracy. On average we can serve digital ads to 70% of the addresses targeted in your direct mail campaign.
How many times will each prospect see my digital ad?
Depending on targeting scale, each prospect/household will receive up to 15 impressions of your digital ads.
Where will my digital ads be seen?
To reach your desired target audience, your booked digital ad impressions will be served across a network of quality and brand safe websites.
How do I add digital display ads to my Snap AdmailTM campaign?
During checkout select the "Digital Bundle" option to add digital ads to your Snap AdmailTM campaign.
How much does it cost? Is there a minimum quantity requirement?
Digital display ads are cost-efficient at only 1¢ per impression. The minimum order amount is 50,000 impressions.
Who designs the digital ads?
Our in-house creative team will design your digital ads to match your Snap AdmailTM campaign. We use the same branding images logo contact information and offers to develop digital ads that make a powerful impression on your targeted prospects.
Will I see a proof of the digital ads before they distribute to prospects?
Yes. You will receive digital proofs of your display ads via email. From there you can request edits or changes directly to the designer.
When do my digital ads begin running? When do they stop?
Your digital ads will deploy the same week as your Snap AdmailTM direct mail pieces. Unless a hard end date is specified for promotional offers, the campaign will run continuously until all impressions are served.
Where do the digital ads send traffic?
Your digital ads can be used to drive traffic to your website or landing page or you can list a phone number on the ads to encourage phone calls.
Do I get performance reporting at the end of the campaign?
Yes. You will receive a performance report for your campaign detailing the number of impressions clicks and overall performance of your digital ads.
What size are the digital ads?
We create your digital display ads in multiple sizes and formats to satisfy the requirements of a vast array of websites and applications. From leaderboards to small squares your ads can display virtually anywhere.
What is an impression?
An impression is when an ad is served from a source and is trackable. Whether the ad is clicked or not is not counted. Each time an ad is served (and presumably seen by human eyes) it is counted as one impression.
What is a click?
A click is registered when a user clicks on your ad and is directed to a specified website or landing page.
What is the primary goal of digital display ads?
The goal of digital display ads is to support your Snap AdmailTM direct marketing effort and create broad awareness among your target audience. Multiple impressions on each prospect strongly influence consumer purchasing decisions long-term.
I would like to speak with someone to learn more. What phone number should I call?
Please call 1-844-332-6998 for immediate assistance.