API Throttle Limits

Throttling by Group

The numbers below are expressed in transactions within a group per minute per API key. Limit is enforced within a rolling 60 second window, if you exceeded your limit then you will be blocked from making further API calls until the current 60 second window expires.

You will receive the following error when the throttle limit is exceeded:

Code Description
Server Rejected by SLM Monitor

Due to the fact that this rolling window is not tied to any standard time, the best way to ensure you will not trigger the limit is to place appropriate delays between each API call.

For example, Create Shipment API calls under upgraded limit need at least 250 milliseconds of delay between each call in order to avoid hitting the throttling limit.

Default Limit 646 468 730 840 20 6 90 468 180 468 180
Upgraded Limit 1076 702 1095 1399 500 60 110 702 270 702 200

Group A

  • Create Shipment
  • Get Shipment
  • Get Artifact
  • Get Shipment Details
  • Get Shipment Price
  • Create NC Shipment
  • Get NC Shipment
  • Get NC Shipment Details
  • Get NC Shipments
  • Get NC Shipment Receipt

Group B

  • Void Shipment
  • Request Shipment Refund

Group C

  • Get Shipment Groups
  • Get Shipments
  • Transmit Shipments
  • Get Manifest
  • Get Manifests
  • Get Manifest Details
  • Get Customer Information
  • Get MOBO Info
  • Create Open Return Template
  • Get Open Return Template
  • Get O. R. Template Details
  • Get Open Return Templates
  • Delete Open Return Template

Group D

  • Get Rates
  • Discover Services
  • Get Service
  • Get Option

Group E

  • Get Tracking Summary
  • Get Tracking Details

Group F

  • Get Signature Image
  • Get Delivery Conf. Certificate

Group G

  • Get Merchant Regist’n Token
  • Get Merchant Registration Info

Group H

  • Get Nearest Postal Outlet
  • Get Postal Outlet Detail

Group I

  • Pickup Availability

Group J

  • Create Authorized Return
  • Get Next Open Return Artifact

Group K

  • Get Pickup Price
  • Create Pickup Request
  • Get Pickup Request Details
  • Update Pickup Request
  • Cancel Pickup Request
  • Get Pickup Requests