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Track a parcel and confirm its delivery


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Service Summary

Tracking services allow you to retrieve information about a parcel's progress through the mail stream and to get details and artifacts related to delivery results. Although tracking services can be called in any order, the general flow of use is shown below.

Tracking Workflow

All tracking services require the identification of the parcel for which information is required. Identify parcels using one or more of the following parameters:

  • PIN – Parcel Identification Number assigned by Canada Post upon creation of the shipping label.
  • DNC – Delivery Notice Card. The number on the card left by delivery personnel when no one is home to receive the delivery.
  • Reference Parameters. A collection of criteria to identify one or more parcels (e.g. customerNumber, referenceNumber, destinationPostalCode, mailingDateFrom, mailingDateTo)

Note: Not all tracking services use all of the above parameters.


iOur tracking web service calls can only return limited details for older tracking numbers. These details are archived and can be retrieved using Track.

View a list of all tracking scan events.

Tracking functionality is provided through four service calls:

  1. Get Tracking Summary
    REST   |    SOAP
    This call returns the most recent/significant event for a parcel. If it has been delivered, the delivery details are returned. (The parcel is identified using PIN, DNC or the other reference parameters).
  2. Get Tracking Details
    REST   |    SOAP
    This call returns all tracking events recorded for a specified parcel. (The parcel is identified using a PIN or DNC).
  3. Get Signature Image
    REST   |    SOAP

    xNote: As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure enhanced privacy and security for our customers, the signature image is no longer available.

    This call returns a signature image captured at delivery of the parcel if available. (The parcel is identified using a PIN only). Please note the following:
    • U.S.A. and international services do not support signature retrieval.
    • Signature images are available for 45 days after the last scan.
    • Recipients of parcels may request suppression of their signature image from view.
  4. Get Delivery Confirmation Certificate
    REST   |    SOAP
    If the parcel has been delivered, this call provides a PDF document containing the following delivery details:
    • Tracking number, service used, reference numbers, delivery date, signatory name
    • Signature image (if available)

    The parcel is identified using a PIN only.