Why is my tracking status not updating?

We understand the frustration and confusion that can happen when you can’t access up-to-date tracking information for a package. We assure you, however, that the package is constantly moving through our delivery network and is always making progress toward its final destination as quickly and safely as possible.

We track the delivery status of packages by scanning their barcodes. Typically, we scan a package when it’s first mailed and again when it goes out for delivery. However, sometimes there may not be any new updates for several days after the package has departed or is in transit. When packages are processed through our delivery network, certain conditions will sometimes arise where we can’t display current or past tracking events. When the package reaches its destination, a final scan will provide delivery confirmation.

What you can do

  • Find the expected delivery date and delivery standard date of your package by entering the tracking number into Track
  • If the expected delivery date has passed and there’s still no information available, start an investigation into a missing package

You can also be notified when your package has been delivered by signing up for delivery updates by email.