I lost the tracking number for my package. What can I do?

Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, we can’t disclose tracking numbers – even if you give us the name and address of the sender or receiver. If you can’t find your tracking number on the receipt or a copy of the shipping label, we can’t look it up for you.

What you can do

  • Double check your emails for a shipping confirmation from the merchant or sender as that often includes the tracking number or a link for tracking
  • Contact the sender to get the tracking number again
  • If you’ve tracked your package on the Canada Post website in the last 5 days, and allowed cookies from our website, you can check Track to see if the tracking number is still saved

To make tracking easier next time:

  • Sign up for automatic tracking – we’ll automatically match a tracking number to you and you can even opt-in for notifications
  • Download our mobile app and save the tracking number there
  • Create an online profile and save the tracking number in your Dashboard
  • If you’re the sender, you can enter the tracking number in our mobile app or in your Dashboard before shipping, or take a picture of the label
  • If you’re the sender and you created the label using one of our online tools, you might be able to get a copy of the label