Why did you leave a Delivery Notice Card for me when I was home?

We try to deliver all packages directly to you, but we’ll leave a Delivery Notice Card if:

  • The sender requested that we leave a notice card for you
  • The package doesn’t fit in the parcel compartment of a community mailbox that’s more than 500 metres from your home
  • We’re issuing keys for your community mailbox
  • Your package needs a signature and there was no answer at the door

What you can do

Pick up your package at the post office location listed on your Delivery Notice Card.

When you go to the post office

When you go to the post office to pick up your package you must bring:

  • Your Delivery Notice Card (if you have one)
  • Government-issued photo ID

If you can't pick up the package yourself, you can send someone else in your place. They'll have to bring government-issued photo ID and either:

  • The Delivery Notice Card (you must sign the card and print the name of the person you have sent to pick up the package on your behalf)


  • A letter of authorization or legal document demonstrating the person’s authority to act on your behalf