Hold Mail service limitations

Types of mail included in Hold Mail service:

  • Lettermail™
  • Registered Mail™ within Canada
  • Magazines addressed to your original address

Types of mail excluded from Hold Mail service:

  • Parcels are sorted separately from mail and may not be held (if you are expecting a parcel while you are away, contact the sender and have the parcel sent after you return)
  • Prepaid envelopes
  • Newspapers and flyers delivered by other parties (contact your newspaper carrier to request a vacation stop or suspension of service before you go away)
  • Personal mail delivered to a business/institution such as an office building, a hospital, nursing home or a hotel
  • Personal mail delivered to an institution such as a business, hotel, rooming house, hospital, nursing home or school
  • Mail received at a shared postal address (for example, when the same address is used by more than 2 businesses)​​
  • Mail sent to a Canada Post FlexDelivery address intended for package delivery to a post office or Automated Parcel Locker

Please note

The “Everyone” option for residential Hold Mail service is not available to customers receiving mail through a rural route address (an address that contains the R.R. indicator, followed by a number). For more details, please read the service terms and conditions.