Can I get my mail back before my Hold Mail service ends?

    If you would like to get your mail earlier than the date specified on your Hold Mail service request, you need to cancel the service. Your held mail will be delivered to you the next business day and normal mail delivery will resume.

    Cancelling Hold Mail online

    You can cancel your Hold Mail service online if you provided an email address when you bought it. All you need is the reference number from the confirmation email we sent when you placed your order.

    Cancelling Hold Mail at a post office

    If you purchased Hold Mail at a post office and did not provide an email address, you need to cancel your service at a post office. You will need to provide:

    • One piece of original, valid, government-issued photo ID.
    • The 8-digit reference number found on your post office receipt, confirmation email or the notification card you received in the mail.