What happens if I can’t verify my identity when buying Mail Forwarding online?

    When you purchase Mail Forwarding we require proof of your identity, for security reasons. If you are unable to verify your identity online while buying Mail Forwarding or purchasing the service on behalf of someone else, you can still complete your purchase as follows.

    1. Select the option to Pay Now and Get a Barcode

    The information you entered will be saved, your credit card will be charged and you will receive a barcode by email. You then have 14 days to go to the post office to verify your identity. If you verify your identity after the requested start date, the service will begin the next business day.

    2. Complete your purchase at a post office

    For the service to begin on your requested start date, you need to go to your local post office and bring:

    • The barcode or barcode number from your order confirmation email, either printed clearly or displayed on your smartphone. All barcode numbers begin with “DSS”.
    • Government-issued photo ID.
    • And proof of authority to act on behalf of someone else and other documents, if applicable.

    If you don’t confirm your identity at the post office

    If you are unable to verify your identity at the post office, or don’t do so within 14 days, your order will automatically be cancelled. You will receive a service cancellation email and a full refund will be issued on your credit card.