My package was delivered late. What can I do?

We’re committed to delivering all packages on time, but there may be situations where it takes a bit longer for a package to arrive at its destination.

If your package was delivered late, the sender of the package might be eligible for a postage refund (after investigation and in compliance with our policies).

Check your eligibility

The following criteria must be met to request a postage refund:

Please note:

  • Non-trackable items aren’t eligible for refunds.
  • Packages sent outside Canada must clear customs. Canada Post and its partners are not responsible for delays caused by customs. Please check that the package didn’t have restrictions that may have caused delays in customs.

Request a refund

If the package is eligible for a postage refund, and you’re the sender of the package, you should open a support ticket below.

The following information is required to request a refund:

  • The tracking number of the package delivered late
  • The sender’s name and address
  • The main contact person’s name and contact information
  • The receiver's name, address, and contact information
  • A description of the contents of the package

Please note: We may ask for proof of payment, but it’s not required to start processing your request.

Open a support ticket

What happens next

  1. We’ll start an investigation

    We’ll evaluate your request to confirm your package was delivered late.

  2. We’ll contact the sender

    We’ll contact the sender if more information is needed from them. If no other information is needed, we’ll contact them only once a final decision has been reached.

  3. We’ll make a final decision

    Most late claims are resolved within a day, but it can take up to 10 days for a decision to be made.

    Domestic (Canada) and U.S. packages: When a support ticket is opened, and an investigation is started, you will be given an ‘Expected Resolution Date’. A decision should be reached by this date.

    International (excluding U.S.) packages: It takes time to gather the required information from foreign postal administrations to make a final decision. Therefore, it will take longer to reach a decision for international packages.

  4. We’ll issue a refund (if applicable)

    If applicable, we’ll issue a refund through the original method of payment (for example, Canada Post account or credit card). Customers without a Canada Post account will receive their refund by cheque.

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