My package arrived damaged. What can I do?

We’re committed to handling your mail with care. However, sometimes mail items can be damaged during the shipping process.

If you receive a damaged package in the mail, please inform the sender. They might be eligible to receive compensation for the insured value of the package and the cost of postage (after investigation and in compliance with our policies).

Check your eligibility

The following criteria must be met to start an investigation into a damaged package:

If you’re the receiver of the damaged package:

  • Contact the sender. Only the sender can ask us to start an investigation.
  • Keep the damaged package intact (including the shipping container, packaging materials, and invoices). We’ll ask for pictures and may need you to ship the item to us for inspection.

Ask us to start an investigation

If the package is eligible, the sender should ask us to start an investigation by opening a support ticket below.

The following information is required to start an investigation:

  • The tracking number of the damaged package
  • The sender’s name and address
  • The main contact person’s name and contact information
  • The receiver's name, address, and contact information
  • The amount of additional insurance coverage purchased
  • A description of the contents of the package
  • The last date the sender was in contact with the receiver

Please note: We may ask for other information (proof of payment, proof of the item’s value, verification of insurance purchased) as part of the investigation, but it’s not required to start.

Open a support ticket

What happens after an investigation starts

  1. We’ll start a claims investigation

    A claims investigation into the damaged package will start.

  2. We’ll contact the receiver

    We’ll ask for pictures and may need the receiver to ship the item to us for inspection.

  3. We’ll make a final decision

    We’ll contact the sender once a final decision has been reached.

    Domestic (Canada) and U.S. packages: When a support ticket is opened, and an investigation is started, you will be given an ‘Expected Resolution Date’. The investigation should be finished by this date.

    International (excluding U.S.) packages: It takes time to gather the required information from foreign postal administrations to make a final decision. Therefore, it will take longer to reach a decision for international packages.

  4. We’ll issue a refund (if applicable)

    If applicable, we’ll issue a refund through the original method of payment (for example, Canada Post account or credit card). Customers without a Canada Post account will receive their refund by cheque.

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