Precision Targeters video tutorials make it easier than ever to find your best prospective customers or donors

    A great marketing tool, Precision TargeterTM, is now even easier to use. New help videos highlight the functions, faster data results and new census-sourced demographic categories to reveal your most profitable advertising targets.

    Get familiar with Precision Targeter

    A video overview of the user-friendly tool that gives small to medium-size businesses powerful data. Watch it to learn the start-to-finish steps that will help you plan a cost-effective, efficient Neighbourhood MailTM campaign.


    Picking the right demographics

    Choose from up to 3 demographic categories to find the prospects most likely to respond to your message. See how to find the highest match rates in your selected delivery areas.


    Modifying delivery areas

    Learn how to edit your selections with Precision Targeter’s interactive map tools. We’ll show you how our user-friendly map view enables quick changes and how data view can give you more detailed insights into your mailing.


    Using the map tools

    Find out how to pick your campaign’s delivery area. Get familiar with the 7 options to help you reach the right prospects, including drive distance, radius, municipality and a buffer zone around your business.


    How to finalize and place your order

    Watch this final video to ensure you place your order correctly. First time and occasional users will especially appreciate the step-by-step review of the process, including how to generate a comprehensive report, make changes, use online ordering tools, mail preparation and payment.


    Precision Targeter is now even simpler to use. Try it now and identify your best prospective customers.