Postal Code Targeting Production (FAQ)

    What quality controls should I use in the production of a Postal Code Targeting mailing?

    Use the Postal Code Targeting Best Practices document (available in Canada Post’s Partner Portal) to help optimize your campaign’s production process. Or email with “Send Postal Code Targeting Best Practices” in the subject line to receive a copy.

    Whose customer number is on the indicia, the customer’s (mine) or the direct mail partner’s?

    The number on the indicia should be that of the customer sending the mail campaign, not the partner’s.

    What are the requirements for indicia with Postal Code Targeting?

    For details on the indicia requirements, refer to the Postal Code Targeting Customer Guide under the Postal Indicia section.

    Can I use customized indicia with Postal Code Targeting?

    Yes, you can use a customized indicia. Refer to

    What does GSM mean?

    Grams per square metre. This measurement tells your printers what quality of paper is being ordered. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper. GSM must be used for the paper stock of Postal Code Targeting cards, self-mailers and mini-catalogues. See the Postal Code Targeting Customer Guide for details.

    Where do I induct my Postal Code Targeting mailing?

    Induct your Postal Code Targeting mailings at any commercial deposit centre (CDC) or receipt verification unit (RVU). Note: your mailing cannot be inducted at Canada Post retail locations. Find your nearest deposit location.

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