Canada Post Personalized Mail qualifications

    Find out if your next mailing qualifies for Personalized Mail rates — before you print it.

    Avoid higher costs by checking whether your mailing meets all the Canada Post Personalized Mail™ savings qualifications. Please contact us to review a sample of your mail piece (preferably in PDF format) before you print or send it.

    Key qualifiers

    To qualify as Personalized Mail™, the intent of your mail pieces must be to motivate an individual to take action by:

    • promoting a product, service, program or event.
    • soliciting donations or contributions.
    • reporting on financial performance, primarily for promotional purposes.
    • supporting your loyalty card program. Includes all mailings relating to loyalty card programs. Excludes credit and/or debit cards with or without reward points.
    • having the same purpose, although the content doesn’t need to be identical.
    • going out to more than 100 Canadian addresses.

    If this is the first time you are preparing a Personalized Mail piece, start by reading about Personalized Mail.

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