Deliver to Post Office Part 1: Why offering more delivery options gives your e-commerce site a competitive edge

    This post is part of our ongoing series on Deliver to Post Office.

    Flexible delivery options are more important than ever to online shoppers. Our latest consumer research tells us that 64% of online shoppers will shop more often with retailers who offer flexible delivery options. *

    As an online merchant, you can respond to their needs by adding a unique delivery option called Deliver to Post Office to your e-commerce site. Learn how to integrate Deliver to Post Office within your online business.

    Options that meet your customers’ preferences and schedules

    Deliver to Post Office allows shoppers to have their online purchases delivered directly to the post office of their choice, close to their home, office, or even cottage. Customers can choose from one of our 6,000+ post office locations.

    Enhance their online and offline experience

    When you add Deliver to Post Office to your site, it shows you’re responsive to your customers’ needs. It’s also a selling feature that can help you move customers through the conversion funnel, so be sure to promote it upfront.

    Don’t wait until your shoppers are in the checkout to let them know that you offer this option. Improving your customers’ experience will help keep them coming back and increase their time on your site, creating more sales and cross-sales opportunities. It also helps you distinguish yourself from your competition.


    How Deliver to Post Office works - from checkout to pickup

    • During checkout, for any Xpresspost™ or Expedited Parcel™ items, your customers will see the option to have items sent to a post office instead of their home.
    • They’ll be asked to enter an address that’s close to where they would like to have the parcel delivered.
    • Customers will be presented with a list of post offices that they can choose from and a map that shows the post office locations.
    • They can track their items - when they arrive, deliveries are held in one of our secure, temperature-controlled Canada Post facilities.
    • Customers are notified by email when their parcel is ready for pickup and can choose their preferred pickup time during the day, evening or over the weekend.

    Offering Deliver to Post Office on your e-commerce site

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    Canada Post. 2020 Fall Survey, 20-2014, October 2020.