Personalization and creativity

While your items need to meet the definition of Personalized Mail™, you can get creative by customizing your messages.

Items in a given mailing don’t need to be the same in content or uniform and may in fact have different sizes, weights, and thicknesses but the items must:

  • Remain in the same weight band and size category
  • Originate from one mail owner (for example, the customer number in the indicia must be the same on all mail items)
  • Be in the same mail preparation category (for example, Machineable or Special Handling)

Personalized Mail service offers you the ability to:

  • Personalize your mailing
  • Tailor your promotional messages to specific customers or prospects

If you don’t have a customer list, our targeting solutions can help you target prospects at the postal code level (using addresses), with the added benefit of accessing accurate lists of Canadian:

  • Residential addresses
  • Multi-unit building or apartment addresses
  • Small office/home office (SOHO) addresses
  • Business addresses

Lettermail enclosed

You may enclose a Lettermail™ item with a qualifying Personalized Mail item.

Choose the options that best suit your mailing needs:

Option 1

One envelope contains both items – the annual report, which you mail at the Personalized Mail price, and the proxy, which you mail at the Lettermail price.

An example of an envelope containing both an annual report and a proxy

Postage is a combination of the two prices:

Personalized Mail (report) + Lettermail price (proxy) = Total postal price

(Personalized Mail delivery standards)

Option 2

One envelope contains both the report and the proxy, and you mail the two items together at the Lettermail price.

An example of an envelope containing both an annual report and a proxy

Lettermail price

(Lettermail delivery standards)

Option 3

You mail the annual report or voting ballot and the proxy separately at the applicable prices.

An example of two envelopes: one containing an annual report mailed at the Personlized Mail price and one containing a proxy mailed at the Lettermail price