Benefits of Personalized Mail

Target customers

Personalized Mail™ allows you to target specific individuals based on your desired criteria and to engage with them in a two-way dialogue. It allows you to concentrate on your best customers and prospects, which is important. It costs more to recruit new customers than it does to keep the ones you have.


Your marketing item should encourage a response from your customers by making an offer and offering an easy means for action. It doesn't just generate interest; it can close the sale.


The success of your advertising campaign can be accurately measured by response rates and sales. This allows you to determine the return on investment for each of your programs. Count the coupons redeemed (in store or online). Include a unique QR code or URL for mobile and website visits that show how well your mail item worked.

Reduce waste

Because campaigns can be measured, Personalized Mail allows you to focus your budget on those programs that are yielding the highest return on investment.


Personalizing your message shows your customers that you’re aware of their preferences and will help make your customer communication items even more relevant, thereby increasing response rates and return on investment of your campaigns.