Labels and documentation

When you send Registered Mail™ items you must:

  • Make sure you prepare the items according to the applicable category of mail
  • Seal items and have them date stamped along the seals (a part of the date stamp must be on the tape and the rest on the wrapper or envelope flap)

If you’re sending Registered Mail to the U.S. you must:

  • Use a barcoded Xpresspost™ – USA shipping label, or a barcoded shipping label produced by the Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or by a third-party shipping system

If you’re sending Registered Mail to an international destination (excluding the U.S.) you must:

  • Have a Registered Mail label placed so that the R appears on the addressed side (you must place one barcode near the R on the addressed side of the item)

Dutiable items

Registered items may be subject to customs duty.

Registered Mail – U.S.

When sending Registered Mail to the U.S., the Xpresspost™ – USA shipping label includes customs information, which you must properly complete.

Registered Mail – International

When sending Registered Mail to an international destination, dutiable Letter-post items require a CN22/CN23 customs label affixed to the item. When the declared value of a Letter-post item exceeds CAN$500, you must also complete a Customs Declaration form and affix it to the wrapper.

For information on customs forms and how to complete them, see Customs requirements