Registered Mail™ items must have a Registered Mail barcode that allows for the item to be tracked. You can prepare Registered Mail by applying a Registered Mail barcode label on the front of each item.

Also, commercial customers have 3 options to prepare Registered Mail for delivery to Canadian destinations:

  1. Using prepaid, pre-barcoded Registered Mail envelopes
  2. Using our Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) 2.0 or EST Desktop software to create and print your own Registered Mail barcode labels
  3. Creating and printing a Registered Mail barcode and artwork on the mail item itself, on a label, or on an envelope

Prepaid Registered Mail envelopes are available to commercial customers in two sizes:

  • Standard (Item# 143001): 240 mm x 150 mm with a maximum weight of 50 g
  • Other (Item# 143002): 318 mm x 241 mm with a maximum weight of 200 g

You can order prepaid envelopes by calling the Canada Post order desk at 1‑888‑550‑6333.

Commercial customers can create and print a Registered Mail barcode label using the Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) Desktop software with a compatible 4-inch by 6-inch thermal label printer.

Using EST will:

  • Capture each of your Registered Mail tracking identifiers in our tracking system and associate each with the order (Statement of Mailing) number
  • Allow you to set up email notifications on Registered Mail items
  • Let you assign a “Customer Reference” to each Registered Mail item which you can also use for tracking
  • Give you more tracking events
  • Allow you to use the Advanced Tracking options in the Online Business Centre, which includes tracking by Statement of Mailing (SOM) number

If you’re a commercial customer who wishes to develop their own in-house solution for printing a Registered Mail barcode and artwork, you must follow a certification process. The EST Desktop software has a File Import option which you can use with your in-house systems.