Firearms (including imitation and replica firearms)

The shipping of firearms (including imitation and replica firearms) is controlled under several laws and regulations in Canada.

International destinations

Under no circumstances can you mail firearms internationally as defined by the Firearms Act:


Contact the Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000 to determine if you’re allowed to ship your firearms.

All firearms must be shipped by Regular Parcel™ or Expedited Parcel™ and include the Proof of Age option. Consumers have to open a Solutions for Small Business account and create labels for shipping firearms using the online shipping tool, Snap Ship.

Please note: As the legal age for certain goods may differ from age of majority by province or territory, it’s your responsibility to make sure you select the right age under the Proof of Age option.

When you ship firearms, you must:

  • Unload the firearms. There can’t be any ammunition in the firearm or in the package (bullets, cartridges, and other ammunition are dangerous goods).
  • Attach a secure locking device to the firearms.
  • Lock the firearms in a sturdy, non-transparent container.
  • Remove the bolt or bolt carrier from any automatic firearms (if removable).

You can’t:

  • Ship firearms via air. Therefore, it is not permitted to send firearms to Air Stage offices and it is not permitted to ship firearms with Xpresspost and Priority services. For remote locations, see Air Stage offices listed in the Canada Postal Guide.
  • Have any markings on the outside of the firearm packaging

You’re solely responsible for meeting all government regulations.