Unacceptable items

We consider any item unacceptable if it:

  • Contains any dangerous substance or article prohibited by law or defined as a dangerous good (see Non-mailable matter for more information or refer to the Non-mailable Matter Regulations or the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
  • Doesn’t meet the size and weight specifications for this service
  • May soil, taint, or damage mail or mail equipment
  • Exposes a person to danger
  • Emits offensive odours
  • Contains food perishables or live animals that don’t meet applicable shipping requirements
  • Is improperly or insecurely packed or wrapped
  • Contravenes applicable Universal Postal Union prohibitions and the U.S. Department of Transportation or Customs regulations

Please note:

The United States prohibits or applies restrictions on the acceptance of certain articles for transmission by post. For more information on restrictions and prohibitions, see our International destination listing tool.