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The ABCs of Mailing guides you through the steps to help make sure your mail arrives at its final destination.

Plan your mailing by:

  • Choosing a proper service
  • Correctly calculating weights and measurements
  • Supplying proper documentation
  • Verifying our mailing cycle period for certain types of shipments
  • Verifying our delivery timeframe for certain types of shipments

Learn how to package your items safely and securely to help fulfill delivery deadlines and stay on budget.

Products and services are subject to the applicable Canada Post terms and conditions.

Steps for mailing with us:

  1. Make sure the item is acceptable for mailing
  2. Package and wrap the item
  3. Address the item
  4. Weigh the item
  5. Prepare the documentation
  6. Pay for the item
  7. Deposit the item

If you have a standing contract with Canada Post, you should also refer to the terms and conditions of your contract.