Tracked Packet - International: Send small items worldwide for less

Cost-effective international shipping for small and lightweight items under 2 kg. You’ll receive online tracking and insurance coverage up to $100Footnote 1 with Tracked PacketTM – International, shipping to 38 select countries.

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Shipping speed

Shipping speed
Expected delivery by distance Shipping distance Projected arrival date (business days)
International destinations to 38 countries 6–10 days

Included features and additional options


You can track parcels using the unique tracking number. Get email notifications or use our mobile app.

Peace of mind

Liability coverage up to $100
Every package has an automatic $100 coverage. Terms and conditions apply.

Hassle-free customs clearance
Duty and taxes will be collected from the person receiving the parcel when it's delivered.


Delivery to a post office box
Offered for international destinations where available.


Return to sender
Parcels are returned to you if the receiver has moved or the address is incomplete or doesn’t exist. You are responsible for the Return to sender service fee regardless of the reason for the return.

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Read our standards guide for details on all features, options and terms and conditions.

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