His Majesty King Charles III

Every time I come to Canada ... a little more of Canada seeps into my bloodstream. And from there, straight to the heart.

May 08, 2023

His Majesty King Charles III (then The Prince of Wales), speaking in Winnipeg, Manitoba, during the 1996 Royal Tour

On September 8, 2022, His Majesty King Charles III ascended the throne at the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The heir apparent since 1952, The King was invested as Prince of Wales by The Queen when he was nine years old. He was an early advocate for environmental issues and is the president or patron of more than 400 organizations, including many in Canada. Since his first official tour in Canada in 1970, His Majesty has returned numerous times. He and The Duchess of Cornwall (now The Queen Consort) made their most recent tour in 2022 as part of The Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations. The photograph featured on the Official First Day Cover was taken by Justin Tang in Ottawa during that tour.

This is the first time His Majesty King Charles III has appeared on a Canadian stamp. This issue follows a long-standing tradition of producing stamps that depict the Canadian sovereign, beginning in 1851 with a pre-Confederation stamp featuring Queen Victoria, King Charles's great-great-great-grandmother.

Booklet of 10 stamps


  • Product #: 111251
  • Denomination: Permanent™ (domestic rate)
  • Design: Paprika
  • Dimensions: 20 mm x 24 mm
  • Printer: Lowe-Martin
  • Printing Process: Lithography in 2 colours
  • Quantity: Continuous printing
  • Tagging: 4 sides + blue tagging on stamp text
  • Photography: Alan Shawcross, © Anthony Buckley & Constantine, London
Official First Day Cover


  • Product #: 411251131
  • Denomination: Permanent™ (domestic rate)
  • Dimensions: 190 mm x 112 mm
  • Printer: Lowe-Martin
  • Quantity: 7,000
  • Tagging: 4 sides + blue tagging on stamp text
  • Photography: His Majesty King Charles III (then The Prince of Wales) in Ottawa during the 2022 Royal Tour. Justin Tang | The Canadian Press
  • OFDC Cancellation Location: Ottawa, ON