Québec Conference, 150th Anniversary

October 10, 2014

Commemorative envelope

In the fall of 1864, delegates met twice with the ambitious goal of uniting the British North American colonies. The second conference, held in Québec, resolved many of the complex challenges raised during lively discussions in Charlottetown.

From October 10, Québec Conference delegates debated and eventually approved 72 principles that still largely define Canada today. The creation of these Québec Resolutions was guided by a determined Sir John A. Macdonald, who later drafted the British North America Act during the final round of debate in London, England, in 1866-67.

This commemorative envelope celebrates the monumental achievement of the Québec Conference delegates. Paired with the Charlottetown Conference envelope of this past September, this issue continues the story of the first steps in the foundation of our country through archival photographs, art and documents.