Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Commemorative Envelope

September 26, 2011

Established in 1860, as the Art Association of Montreal, this organization was founded by the city’s art enthusiasts and collectors, and continued to expand over the years, eventually leading to the creation of a museum on Sherbrooke Street West. One hundred and fifty years and six expansions later, thanks to the support of generations of donors, and loyal members, plus government, corporate and private foundation funding, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one of the finest in Canada. Its collections and curatorial excellence are respected around the world, and the museum is visited by more than 600,000 people annually.

This year has been dedicated as one of celebration for the MMFA, leading up to the September 2011 opening of the long-awaited new pavilion of Quebec and Canadian Art, which includes a concert hall in the pristinely restored nave of the former Erskine and American Church, a designated historical site on Sherbrooke Street West. The expansion has doubled the exhibition space devoted to Canadian art, and be known as the Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion of Quebec and Canadian Art.

This commemorative envelope, designed by the Museum’s creative staff, features Dryden (1975) by Serge Lemoyne. The purchase of this work was made possible by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Volunteer Association Fund.

Commemorative Envelope

Commemorative Envelope


  • Product #: 341834
  • Design: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Quantity: 10,000