COVID-19 frequently asked questions

    Handling letters and packages

    • Should I expect delays?
    • Are on-time delivery guarantees still suspended?
    • Why do I see my parcel taking an unusual route as I track it?
    • How can I find out the status of my parcel shipment?
    • What is happening with "signature" items that normally require the recipient to sign for them, confirming receipt?
    • Is it safe to handle mail and parcels?
    • Can Canada Post search for specific items that are held, so they can be delivered?
    • Are Community Mailboxes, other mail boxes and parcel lockers disinfected regularly?

    Post office availability

    • Are post offices still open?
    • What are you doing to keep people safe? Do I have to wear a mask to enter a post office?
    • How will I find out if my local post office has closed or is not keeping regular hours?
    • Do I need to be fully vaccinated to enter my local post office?

    Mail services

    • How long will Canada Post hold mail for schools, businesses, caregiving facilities and other institutions that have shut down or restricted access in response to the pandemic?
    • Does Hold Mail apply only to mail or can parcels be held?
    • Can business customers request or continue using the Mail Forwarding service?

    International shipping changes

    • Is mail being delivered to the United States?
    • Is mail being delivered to international destinations?
    • Is mail to international destinations delayed?
    • Are mail and packages from other countries being delivered to Canadians?

    Employee and workplace safety

    • Is Canada Post still practicing physical distancing on the street and in post offices?
    • What is Canada Post doing to inform its employees about COVID-19?
    • Is Canada Post disinfecting its workplaces?
    • What is Canada Post doing if a physician or public health tells an employee to go into quarantine?
    • What would Canada Post do if an employee, who was in the workplace, tests positive for COVID-19?
    • Are contractors and visitors expected to comply with the Canada Post Mandatory Vaccination Practice?

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