Discover similar customers

    Make your acquisition efforts more effective using postal code data

    Gain insights into geographic, demographic and lifestyle data with Postal Code Targeting. Combine your existing customer data with Canada Post data and we’ll help you target your best prospects, without spending your budget advertising to existing customers.

    How to get started with Postal Code Targeting

    Have one of our partners help you launch a direct mail campaign or contact us directly for more information.

    Get help from a partner

    Businesses of all sizes can get help from our network of Canada Post Smartmail Marketing TM partners*. Our partners will lend their expertise to your Postal Code Targeting campaign and take care of all the details for you, including:
    • Developing your campaign strategy.
    • Designing and printing your direct mail.
    • Adhering to mail specifications.
    • Preparing your mail for delivery.
    Find a partner

    Not sure how to choose the right partner?

    If you’ ve never used direct mail before, or you’ d like more information about how our Smartmail Marketing TM partners can help you, please get in touch with us. We’ll answer your questions about:
    • Which direct mail product is right for you - do you want to send direct mail to everyone in a neighbourhood, or to specific customers on a mailing list?
    • How the pricing works - we'll tell you how to create machineable mail to keep costs low.
    • How to use postal code data to identify, target and market directly to your ideal customers.
    • How direct mail can enhance your multi-channel campaigns - we have the science to back it up.
    Talk to an expert

    Tips for Postal Code Targeting

    Your mail pieces must be sent from Canada and delivered within Canada. Follow these guidelines for a better delivery experience.


    Bring a sample of your mail piece to the deposit location.


    Proper mail preparation is important to making sure your mailing is processed and delivered efficiently. Read our processing requirements.


    There's a minimum order of 100 machineable mail pieces.


    Pay the low base price of only $0.34 per mail piece when you sign a Postal Code Targeting agreement. See if you qualify for large-volume discounts! Price excludes taxes and is subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

    Contact us for pricing

    When will my items be delivered?

    3-5 business days
    Your delivery time starts on the first business day after you drop off your items before 4 p.m. 

    See our Postal Code Targeting delivery standards for specific times.

    Need more details on Postal Code Targeting?

    You’ll learn about:
    • Pricing based on the item’s weight. 
    • Standard size and weight measurements to help you design your mailing. 
    • Preparing your mailing into bundles for processing.
    • Creating your order using our online shipping tools.
    Read the full guide

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