Personalized Mail

Strengthen customer connections

A one-to-one communication, Personalized MailTM is named and addressed directly to your customer or prospect, allowing you to send a tailored message and custom offer. Acquire new customers, deepen connections with existing ones and build customer loyalty.

There is power in personalized messages, especially when retention is your goal. It gives the customer comfort and confidence.

– Jake Arida
Traditional Channels Specialist, Princess Auto

Success stories

Discover how notable brands are building trust and winning back customers with Personalized Mail.

Princess Auto Personalized Mail card offering inactive customers a coupon code for returning business.

Princess Auto

An ongoing Personlized Mail campaign targeting inactive customers has been incredibly successful for the retailer – reactivating up to 57% of customers and generating over $27M in sales in just under 2 years.

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A Riversol direct mail card providing product info and skin care education.


The skincare brand launched a Personalized Mail campaign targeting lapsed customers with a discount and education. Overall, customers ordered 21% more products than those exposed to digital channels only.

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It all starts with data

Your data contains valuable information about existing and potential customers. To maximize its effectiveness, let Canada Post combine your data with our exclusive insights to help you build your database, refine your targeting strategy and speak one-on-one with customers.

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Sample direct mail card for a cat vet clinic. Card is targeted and localized to a specific neighbourhood, personalized with a named greeting and map from home to a new clinic location, and actionable with a QR code offering a discount.
Personally addressed direct mail postcard from Sephora providing product recommendations.

Programmatic direct mail

Take your personalized direct mail a step further with programmatic or trigger-based mail – the physical equivalent of digital remarketing.

Following a customer interaction, a brand can send mail in as little as 48 hours. Whether sparked by a recent purchase or a website visit, programmatic mail can provide a personalized offer or nudge customers back to an abandoned online cart.

Make your direct mail more responsive and dynamic.

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Personalized Mail examples

Canadian Down and Feather direct mail postcard offering 10% off discount code to customers.

Postcards and self-mailers

Simple, cost-effective and fast to create, cards and self-mailers ensure your message is seen right away. Use a clear call to action such as an invitation to an event or sale.

Peloton welcome kit with sleeved box and QR code and postcards explaining product information and membership benefits.

Welcome kits

A specialized item such as Peloton’s welcome kit enhances brand intimacy. This kit is a sleeved box with postcards exploring membership benefits and a QR code for a complementary offering.

Example of a clear pane envelope with personally addressed letter.

Letters and envelopes

Envelopes can contain letters, brochures, reply cards or even samples. Clear pane envelopes show the name and address, enhancing personalization and creating a sense of mystery and anticipation.

Other direct mail solutions

If Personalized Mail isn’t quite right for your marketing objectives, Canada Post offers 2 other solutions.

A Wayfair furniture and home goods mini-catalogue on a table top

Postal Code Targeting

Postal Code Targeting offers data options and suppression capabilities so you can analyze current customers, target lookalike audiences and focus on acquisition.

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Absolut Vodka bottle with gift tag and colourful Neighbourhood Mail card.

Neighbourhood MailTM

Neighbourhood mail gets you into the mailboxes of Canadians within a specific neighbourhood, region or the entire country. Create mass awareness, acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

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The Essential Guide to Direct Mail

Want to take a deeper dive before you get in touch? Our detailed guide covers the direct mail process from start to finish, with valuable tips for awareness, acquisition and retention.

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