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    No one has more options when it comes to shipping to the U.S. and overseas. Quick or budget-friendly, we’ve got a service to meet the international shipping needs for you and your customers. Get easy access to customs forms, and find out if there are any special requirements you need to follow when you ship to a certain country. 

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    When does your parcel need to arrive?

    Do you have time-sensitive documents that need next-day shipping to the U.S.? Are you an e-commerce merchant with overseas customers? We have a variety of options that include on-time guarantees, additional insurance and signatures.
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    What can I ship internationally?

    Understand what you can and can’ t ship, how to mail non-standard sized items and special requirements you need to follow by individual country.
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    Simplify the international shipping process

    Use these quick links to find customs information, print forms and find out how much you need to pay for duties and taxes.

    Customs forms

    If you’re shipping at the post office, fill out your customs form before you go to save time.
    Complete customs forms

    Customs codes

    Find the customs classification (HS) code for the product you’re shipping.
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    Duties and taxes

    Get an estimate of the international duties and taxes payable at destination, before you send your parcels.
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    How to sell online to the USA and internationally

    This e-commerce guide helps you discover if selling outside of Canada is right for you. Then it takes you through steps to build and execute an effective cross-border e-commerce strategy.

    Small businesses save on shipping

    The more parcels you ship, the more you’ll save –find out how you can get big discounts on parcels shipped in Canada and abroad. Benefit from special discounted rates exclusive to members. Membership is free with no hidden fees. Terms and conditions apply.
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    If you ship more than 1,250 parcels in Canada or 750 parcels internationally every year, contact us for volume-based discounts and access to our online shipping tools. Terms and conditions apply.
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