Prepaid reply mail

    Get direct responses from your customers

    Include a postage-paid return card or envelope as part of your next direct mail campaign. You only pay the postage when customers send in their responses using Business Reply MailTM.

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    How to get started with Business Reply Mail

    If you’ve never used direct mail before, or you’d like more information about how our direct mail partners can help you, please get in touch with us. 

    We’ll answer your questions about:
    • What type of Business Reply Mail works best for you? – envelopes for confidential applications, payments or donations or cards  to remind customers to pay bills or renew subscriptions.
    • How the pricing works –we’ll tell you how to create machineable mail to keep costs low.
    • How to rent mailing lists if you’re looking for new customers.
    • How you can use our reporting tool to track reply mail coming your way.
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    Use our design and reporting tool

    Create and design your own envelope, self-mailer, card or label in 5 easy steps. Then, receive real-time reports when your mail pieces are being processed at our plants.


    There’s an annual fee for Business Reply Mail (Canada and international) as well as a postage fee starting as low as $0.98 for each response*.

    Contact us to see if you qualify for large-volume discounts!

    Need more details on Business Reply Mail?

    You’ ll learn about:
    • Pricing based on the item’s weight.
    • Standard size and weight measurements to help you design your mailing.
    • Preparing your mailing into bundles for processing.
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