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Sasha Senior, Founder of Bliss Skateboard Shop, stands and smiles in front on colourful skateboards mounted on a wall.

Define your purpose

You've reinvented and pivoted just to survive. Now's the time to look inward and forward, to realign your business with your personal beliefs and passions – whether it's a stronger Canada, a more just society, a greener planet or Indigenous rights. When a brand's purpose is aligned with the values of the customers and communities they serve, it can drive trust and revenue.

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Canada Post is redefining our purpose. We're proud to reflect and respond to the evolving expectations of businesses like yours.

Here's how we're transforming.

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Quiz: Which business journey are you on?

No two small businesses are alike. They vary in size, capacity for growth, and even in their owners' aspirations. Take our short quiz to determine where your business is on its journey and get helpful tips and resources from Canada Post.

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Putting a stamp on reconciliation

Staying connected is a challenge for people who live and work in many Indigenous, rural and northern communities. We're committed to serving every Canadian from coast to coast to coast. That's why we opened a Community Hub in the Membertou area of Cape Breton.

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Find out more

Mental health and wellness is no small matter

Starting, running and growing a business is rewarding, but stressful. 50 per cent of Canadian small business owners say they have difficulty coping with mental health challenges*. Here are some suggestions for how to combat this issue:

  1. 1

    Put your health first

    Make time for sleep, family and exercise. Don't forget about your favourite hobby. Say ‘no' to opportunities that feel overwhelming.

  2. 2

    Delegate tasks

    Don't take it all on yourself. Delegate work that doesn't require your expertise or leadership.

  3. 3

    Don't go it alone

    Explore resources that offer advice and tap into your personal and professional network for guidance.

  4. 4

    Set an example

    Establish a healthy work-life balance and set boundaries for yourself, then encourage your team to do so as well.

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Get your brand into customers' hands

Direct mail delivers a unique combination of tangibility, relevancy and targeting that's irresistible to customers:

  • Its response rate is 4.4%, compared to 0.12% for email*
  • 88% of Canadians will visit a store or website after receiving it**
  • 6 in 10 Canadians love receiving coupons no matter their generation**
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"We won't be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose."

- Bob Goff, Author & podcaster

How values drive purchasing behaviour

Canadians are increasingly likely to purchase from businesses that share their values. But this preference varies greatly from generation to generation. Here are some insights from a recent Canada Post survey*.

Here is each generation's likelihood to support:

Canadian-owned businesses:











Retailers that carry Canadian-made products:







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The Comic Jock finds a superhero at Canada Post

When Brian Gaudet suffered a workplace injury in 2017, he was told his days as an iron worker were over. Brian looked at it as an opportunity to pursue a lifelong passion: comics, sports and movie memorabilia, and other collectibles. The Comic Jock was born soon after.

Today, the Comic Jock's growing fan base stretches across Canada and the U.S. – so Brian needs dependable and economical shipping. From day one, Brian has depended exclusively on Canada Post to deliver his valuable merchandise to collectors.

Read Brian's story

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Tales of Triumph winners

The Small Business Tales of Triumph Contest recognizes and celebrates Canadian small businesses. We hope their stories inspire you to weave purpose into your business.

Meet the 2022 winners

These entrepreneurs revamped and reinvented their business strategies for future success. We hope their stories inspire you to build your own business future strong.

Meet the winners

Blissful balance: How Bliss Skateboard Shop succeeded while giving back

Winner: Doing Good 2021 Tales of Triumph Contest

Sasha Senior started skateboarding to make friends when she was 13. Skateboarding also ignited a lifelong passion that would lead to a successful small business and a way to give back to her community.

Read Sasha's story

Read Sasha's story

Jamie Gentry Designs: Doing good, one sole at a time

Runner-up: Doing Good 2020 Tales of Triumph Contest

Jamie Gentry's handmade moccasins are more than a product – they're a way to connect. The artist uses her platform to share her experiences, spotlight other creators and raise awareness about cultural appropriation.

Read Jamie's story

Read Jamie's story

alder apparel: The right fit in more ways than one

Founders Naomi Blackman and Mikayla Wujec weave their personal values and beliefs into every stitch of alder apparel. Founded in 2019, the brand offers a range of inclusive sizing, backed by community-informed design and sustainable and ethical production.

Read their story

"The outdoors should be for everyone, regardless of the individual's abilities...or size for that matter."

- Naomi Blackman, Co-founder, alder apparel

A designer works at a sewing table.

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We evolve with your business' needs

We invest in our network, services and thought leadership to meet your changing expectations. Here's how we're stepping up:


Fast, affordable shipping

Expedited Parcel™ is fast, cost-effective shipping within Canada. All items can be tracked and offer on-time guarantees.


Free small business events

We offer free events, seminars and webinars to help you understand relevant ecommerce trends and consumer insights.


Shipping labels and supplies

Shop for packaging supplies online and in our retail locations. You can view the last 18 months of invoices on your Dashboard.


In-sync services

Create a shipping label online then request a pickup or drop it at a post office or in a letterbox. Shipping internationally? Complete customs forms online.

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